PCR-Based DNA Fingerprinting Kit

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PCR-Based DNA Fingerprinting Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials PCR Learning Activities
Students explore Forensic Science with the PCR-Based DNA Fingerprinting Kit.

  • Lab Encourages Independent Inquiry
  • Time Required: 75 Minutes plus Two Hours for PCR
  • Students Practice PCR in the Classroom
  • Instructions Included
  • PCR EdvoBeads Included
This kit provides easy-to-follow instructions, so students can develop various crime scene scenarios independently.

Plasmid DNA, when amplified by PCR, provides materials that represent individual DNA profiles. Students use these outcomes to solve a crime.

Ordering information: This kit includes instructions, PCR EdvoBeads, DNA templates, primers, DNA ladder, ultrapure water, wax beads, agarose, loading dye, electrophoresis buffer, InstaStain Ethidium Bromide and FlashBlue stain. Micropipettes that measure between 5 and 50 µl, tips, a thermal cycler, electrophoresis apparatus, a power supply, a microwave or hot plate, and a UV transilluminator are required but not included.

Packaging: Some components require freezer storage on arrival.