Parts of a Plant Giant Chalkboard Manipulative

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Parts of a Plant Giant Chalkboard Manipulative
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
This manipulative helps young students learn and demonstrate their knowledge of the basic parts of a green flowering plant and the function of each part.

  • Demonstrate the basic parts of a flowering plant
  • Includes large color punchouts
  • Easily adapted to all elementary levels
The kit includes large color punchouts of the parts of a tomato plant, as well as cutout labels naming the plant parts and describing their functions. The punchouts and labels are placed on a magnetized chalkboard. The teacher or students can easily move the plant structures and labels on the board, and attach the fruit and flowers to the plant manipulative.

This kit is readily adapted to all elementary grade levels; teachers simply choose the labels and activities that are appropriate for their students. Generally, students in grades K-2 will only use the labels that identify the parts of the plant - stems, roots, etc. - while students in grades 3-6 will also use the labels that describe the function of each part - the fruit contain the seeds, the leaves contain chlorophyll, etc.

Includes: 1 Tomato Plant Manipulative (2' x 3' color laminated die cut sheet), 1 pack of Plant Part/Description Labels (11"x17" sheets), 1 strip Magnetic tape (29"), 2 strips Adhesive backed Velcro® (3/4" W x 12" L), 1 pad/100 Tomato plant coloring diagram, Instructions and Answer Key, Reproducible labels for student activity.

Additional materials needed: Scissors, Ruler, Crayons, markers, colored pencils (green, yellow, brown, red), for optional coloring activity, Glue or paste, for optional labeling activity.