Orienteering and Map Games for Teachers

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Orienteering and Map Games for Teachers
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This book in intended for the teacher who seeks to use the power of maps to their full potential and to show the non-orienteering teacher that the sport of orienteering is a worthwhile addition to their teaching tools.
The activities in this book will help you bring all the excitement of exploring and navigating to the classroom. Through these students develop an understanding of the basics of maps and map-reading. Activities are simple, fun, imaginative and above all, hands-on. The book is divided into two sections: one geared toward pre-school and primary grades and the second toward secondary grades. Glossary. Children draw maps based on their favorite stories, learn how to orient their map, learn how to go orienteering without a compass, design a map using aerial photos and more - over 40 activities. 44 pp., softcover.