One Bite Out of Crime Kit

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Los Angeles, CA
No, I didn't recommend
Not worth it - This is an incredibly expensive kit and not worth the cost (especially considering most of the materials are consumables).
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470008-162KT 470 USD
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One Bite Out of Crime Kit
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Trace Evidence Learning Activities
Learn the Principles of Forensic Odontology

  • Personalized Jaw Impressions
  • Easy to Use Dental Charts
Teeth not only provide a unique identifier for each person, they also last longer after death than any other physical element. Using the information provided, students will make a cast of their own upper jaw, learn to identify teeth placement, make dental charts, learn the metric analysis of a bite mark, and match dental charts with an unidentified body to provide identification. The kit includes enough materials for six setups, as well as instructor, student, and assessment manuals.