Ward's® Oil-Degrading Microbes Lab Activity

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Ward's® Oil-Degrading Microbes Lab Activity
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Excellent Introduction to Natural Environmental Cleanup

  • Demonstrate bioremediation of an oil spill
  • Linked to a real world scenario
  • Estimated class/lab time required: 135 minutes over three lab sessions
Bioremediation, a process that uses natural organisms such as bacteria, fungi, or yeast to break down harmful chemicals into less toxic or nontoxic compounds, is one of the most promising ways biotechnology is used to treat chemical spills and hazardous waste problems. This comprehensive lab activity covers a variety of investigations, such as culturing microbes that dissolve hydrocarbons in a medium containing a petroleum product, comparing the physical characteristics of oil before and after degradation, comparing the growth and oil-degrading ability of a bacterial and a fungal strain, simulating an ocean and shore oil spill to evaluate cleanup procedures, and more. The activities can be completed in three 45-minute lab sessions. The kit comes with enough materials for six setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymasters.

Ordering information: An incubator, required, is available separately. Note: Coupon included for perishable materials. Redeem by phone or e-mail.