Ohaus® TJ611 Triple Beam Balances

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Excellent investment! - We use this scale for school and home. It is durable, accurate, and has easy to understand instructions. We use this scale for science labs and also for weighing pet hamsters, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, rocks, bugs, and everything else the kids bring home! We have had it for five years and the kids love it.
470012-644EA 199 USD
Ohaus® TJ611 Triple Beam Balances
Balances and Scales
These top-loading balances offer students hands-on experience with manipulating the poises.

  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Built-In Locks
  • Easy-Grip Carrying Handle
  • Storage Compartment for Weight Set
  • Security Loop
Positive poise positioning ensures repeatable results, and magnetic dampening minimizes oscillation and speeds up weighing. Built-in locks minimize wear, prevent tampering, and provide protection. The balances also feature an easy-grip carrying handle, which is ergonomically designed for easy transportation, and a convenient storage compartment for the weight set.

Balances include a security loop for locking with a security locking cable, available separately. Sensitivity is 0.1 g, the front beam is 10 x 0.1 g, the center beam is 500 x 100 g, and the rear beam is 100 x 10 g.

Ordering information: Three-year manufacturer's warranty is included with purchase.