Ob-Scertainer® A Better Black Box Kit

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Blue Springs, M
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GREAT way to teach indirect observation! - I teach chemistry, and before we begin the atomic theory, I use these obscertainers to explain "black box thinking" in that many ideas in science cannot be seen. I explain that many of the current thinking in small things like atoms and large things like the ocean floor, the center of the Earth, and space are based on indirect observations. We discuss such indirect observation tools as sonar and
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Ob-Scertainer® A Better Black Box Kit
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Apply Multiple Senses In The Observation Process

  • Learn About Non-Visual Observation And Interpretation
  • Formulate And Test A Hypothesis Based On Indirect Feedback
  • Time Required: 1 50 Minute Class Period
How do students find out the configuration of the inside of a box without being able to look inside? By using their power of observation. This “better black box” requires them to use indirect observation — listening to, and feeling how, a steel ball inside the box rolls. From their observations, they collect data, develop a hypothesis, and test it.

Ordering information: Includes differently configured Ob-Scertainers and steel balls.