Ward's® New York State The Living Environment Lab Kits

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Ward's® New York State The Living Environment Lab Kits
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
These activities are designed to meet exam requirements for the regents exam part D.

  • Activities and Assessments Build Skills in Hypothesizing, Testing Methods & More
  • Science Kit Quality Assurance Tests All Kits
  • Activities Connect to Current Environmental Issues
  • Kits Tailored to Regents Requirements for Part D of the Living Environment Test
  • Plastic Bin Included
These three kits explore essential biological concepts. They are a convenient and cost-effective way to meet the Regents Exam requirements for Part D of the Living Environment test.

Science Kit Quality Assurance has tested each kit to ensure required results are achieved. Each kit includes teacher's notes and comes packaged in a sturdy plastic storage bin.

Ordering information: Lab #1: Relationships & Biodiversity includes specimen slides, leaf-sample-set materials for seed analysis, a spot plate with a 0.1 G scoop, vinegar, micro-tip pipets, baking soda, food coloring, filter paper, medicine cups with lids, plastic cups, rulers, and self-adhesive labels. A stereomicroscope and a standard microscope are required for this lab but not included. This lab has material for five classes of 10 groups per class. Lab #3: The Beaks of Finches includes green split peas, pinto beans, chopsticks, binder clips, clothespins, forceps, pliers, aluminum pans, petri dishes, and seed storage bags. This lab has materials for 15 groups per class. Lab #5: Diffusion through a Membrane includes glucose solution, starch solution, Benedict's solution, starch test iodine, dialysis tubing, string, funnels, pipets, plastic cups, and self-adhesive labels. A standard microscope, a hot plate, test tubes, slides, and salt are required for this lab but are not included. This lab includes materials for 30 experiment setups.