NYS Intermediate Level Science Performance Sampler Test Kit

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NYS Intermediate Level Science Performance Sampler Test Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Prepare your students for the New York State Intermediate Level Science Exam Laboratory Performance Test with this comprehensive sampler test kit!

  • Includes storage container
Sampler Contents:
20 metric rulers with groove
10 support blocks
10 golf balls
1 roll duct tape
10 round transparent plastic containers
10 laminated place mats with measuring strip (11" x 17")
1 roll masking tape
10-5 g masses
60 assorted labels
40 zip lip bags
10 calculators
15 bars of soap
1 paper towel roll
10 plastic transparent cups
1 knife
10 rubber balls
10 styrofoam balls
10 grid slides
1 pkg. index cards
10 animal tissue slides (frog)
10 onion cell slides.

Ordering information: A triple beam balance is required but not included. We suggest our 60375-00.

Packaging: Packaged in a sturdy reusable plastic storage bin.