TeacherGeek Mousetrap Vehicle

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TeacherGeek Mousetrap Vehicle
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials TeacherGeek System Components
The TeacherGeek Mousetrap Car Activity allows you to have the opportunity to build a better mousetrap.

  • Easy to connect parts
  • Reusable pieces
  • Hands on way to investigate the design process
  • A true STEM experience
Start by building the sturdy chassis from the included connector strips, dowels, perpendicular adaptors and wheels. Add mousetrap power and experiment with gears, which are sold separately, and other unique build components to allow the racer to go farther, faster or pull a load. If more traction is desired, install the included wheel tires. Apply the science of kinetic and potential energy, simple machines and friction as you design, construct and even reengineer the ultimate mousetrap vehicle. You will find the Mousetrap Vehicle Activity guide (a free downloadable document) is easy to follow, fun and informative.

Engineering Challenges
Design the mousetrap car in CAD
Create a mousetrap car that will go the longest distance
Create a mousetrap car to drag race other mousetrap cars
Create a mousetrap car to pull an object the greatest distance
Create a mousetrap car that will stop as close to a given distance (marker) as possible
Create a mousetrap car with a prototype shell (cut, printed, glued poster board)

Innovation components allow for greater alternative and innovative designs. The components listed below are not required but are suggested to bring more engineering and innovation to the mousetrap vehicle activity. Only a few innovation components are usually needed to create alternative designs. Keep in mind that your supply of innovation components can be used over and over again for many types of Teacher geek activities. Here are some recommendations:

Connector Strips
Perpendicular Blocks
5mm Dowels
Galvanized Colored Wire
Slide Stop Material
#12-1/2" Screws
#10 Washers
Anything else you can find (raid the recycling bin, wood, metal, plastic, broken toys, etc.)

Ordering information: Required but not included are Reamer, Easy Cutter, Phillips Screwdriver and Slip-Joint Pliers.