Mounted Resistance Coils

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470111-222KT 70.55 USD
Mounted Resistance Coils
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Mounted Resistance Coils feature four copper wires and one copper-nickel wire.

  • Divided wooden spool
  • Four lengths of copper wire
  • One length of copper-nickel wire
  • Lightweight base
  • Labels indicate wire types, lengths, and gauges
Four lengths of copper wire (22 gauge, 10 m long; 22 gauge, 20 m long; 28 gauge, 10 m long; and 28 gauge, 20 m long) and one length of copper-nickel wire (22 gauge, 10 m long) are coiled around a divided wooden spool. The spool is anchored to a lightweight base with six binding posts. Labels indicate each wire type, length, and gauge.

To measure resistance, connect the mounted coils to a Wheatstone bridge, digital ohmmeter, or multimeter that measures ohms, sold separately. Computations are simplified due to 2:1 length ratios.

The gauge of the copper nickel wire is 22SWG and the composition is Cu60/Ni40. The resistivity value is (49.0 x 10−8 Ω m)