Molecular Orbital Models

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Yes, I recommend
The Molecular Orbital Models are a wonderful size to to display in class. I did not expect the seven models to be as large as they were considering the low price for the set. The blue plastic orbital were hollow , very light weight and easily removable. The orbital models are a great visual to help explain the theory to the students. Thank you.
Reply associate Published 06/14/2017
Thank you for sharing!
470017-652EA 137 USD
Molecular Orbital Models
Models Molecular Biology Models
The most common atomic and hybridized molecular orbitals are illustrated in this set of seven models.

  • Models Mounted on Z-axis
  • Removable
  • Seven Models per Set
Each model, which is mounted on a removable stand, is assembled on a vertical rod that represents the Z-axis.

Models include the following orbitals: S, PX, PY, PZ, SP1, SP2, and SP3.