Ward's® Live Mixed Protist Culture

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Ward's® Live Mixed Protist Culture
Specimens Live Specimens Protists - Living Material
Specially Prepared “Real-Life” Combinations
The world is teeming with a wide variety of micro life, making studying samples of pond water complicated especially for the beginning student. To lessen the confusion, Ward's has prepared different culture mixes that reflect protist combinations that occur in the real world, yet eliminates the hundreds of other life-forms found in a collected sample.

  • No need to hunt for them yourself
  • Nine organisms commonly found in a lake or pond
You will receive 1 jar with sufficient quantity for your students to each observe many of the genera commonly found in lakes everywhere.

Jar includes at least 7 organisms from the following genera (species are not specified for these organisms): Amoeba, Blepharisma, Chilomonas, Colpidium, Euglena, Euplotes, Paramecium, Stentor and Volvox