Ward's® Live Mixed Pond Protozoa

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Moncton, NB
Yes, I recommend
Good Product - Good variety of specimans. I'd recommend quieting solution to slow them down.
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Lorain, OH
No, I didn't recommend
poor product - dichotymous key or other products NOT INCLUDED as stated.
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Ward's® Live Mixed Pond Protozoa
Specimens Live Specimens Protists - Living Material
Specially Prepares "Real-Life" Combinations

  • No need to collect the samples yourself, we've created real-life mixtures
  • Comes with dichotomous key
The world is teeming with a wide variety of microlife, making studying samples of pond water complicated especially for the beginning student.

To lessen the confusion, WARD’S has prepared different culture mixes that reflect protist combinations that occur in the real world, yet eliminates the hundreds of other life-forms found in a collected sample.

Ordering information: These products contain living or perishable materials and will ship via overnight or 2nd day delivery. Our choice of five from the following are placed into a single jar: Amoeba, Blepharisma, Chilomonas, Colpidium, Euglena, Euplotes, Paramecium, and Stentor.

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