TeacherGeek Mini Wind Turbine

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TeacherGeek Mini Wind Turbine
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials TeacherGeek System Components
Investigate the Impact of Blade Design on Power Output

  • Easy to connect parts
  • Reusable pieces
  • Hands on way to investigate the design process
  • A true STEM experience
  • Build stators and coils
The TeacherGeek Mini Wind Turbine Activity provides you the opportunity to build a wind powered generator. You will start by building the stand from a hole plate, dowels, perpendicular blocks and hardware. The TeacherGeek uniquely designed hub slides directly on to the motor shaft and securely holds 2,3 or 6 blades. These blades are constructed from found materials mounted with tape on to provided wooden skewers. The DC motor is spun by wind power creating a mini generator. Your innovation comes in to play as you redesign and reconfigure the blades to change power output. A very complete step by step pictorial Mini Wind Lift Guide (available as a free download) will lead you through construction, give you blade design tips and ideas for experimentation.

Ordering information: Reamer, Easy Cutter, Phillips Screwdriver, and Slip-Joint Pliers are required but not included.