Mineral and Rock Identification Collection #2

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Mineral and Rock Identification Collection #2
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Previously Known as Syracuse University Mineral and Rock Set

Proven successful in a number of introductory college geology courses and high school earth science classes, this set contains high-quality specimens of minerals and rocks, unnumbered so students can learn to identify them with the help of the instructor. The set is housed in a shipping box, and an identification list is included.Contents:47 unnumbered samples, 1×1"; streak plateMinerals:barite, bauxite, biotite, calcite, chalcopyrite, fluorite, galena, garnet, graphite, gypsum (massive), gypsum (selenite), halite, hematite (massive), hermatite (oolitic), hematite (specular), hornblende, labradorite, limonite, magnetite, microcline, muscovite, olivine, pyrite, quartz (rock crystal), rose quartz, serpentine, sphalerite, sulfur, talcRocks:Igneous: basalt, diorite, gabbro, granite, granite porphyry, obsidian, peridotite, pumice, syeniteSedimentary: conglomerate, limestone, sandstone, shaleMetamorphic: gneiss, marble, quartzite, schist, slate.

Caution: Due to the nature of this product it may contain asbestos.