Ward's® Metamorphic Petro-Lab Set

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Ward's® Metamorphic Petro-Lab Set
Specimens Rock Specimens Rock Thin Sections
Designed for Introductory College Petrography Labs.

  • Hand Made by Wards® staff Geologists
  • 7 Specially Selected Samples
The thin section set illustrates important mineral associations, textural features, and optical properties. Major mineralogical features are described in a worksheet that accompanies each slide. Using the basic information provided, students can determine optical properties, percentage estimations, and general compositional features that will assist them in their recognition of rocks and minerals. Matching hand specimens, average size 3" x 4", are available separately.

These seven slides cover low to high grade regional metamorphism. Among the key metamorphic indicator minerals present are actinolite, andalusite, chlorite, cordierite, garnet, graphite, kyanite, muscovite, sillimanite, and staurolite. The matching hand specimen set comes with numbered samples and an identification list. Each numbered sample comes in an individual plastic tray.Contentsgneiss, hornfels, phyllite, quartzite (2), schist, and slate.