Leaves and Seeds of Common Trees Identification Mount Set

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Leaves and Seeds of Common Trees Identification Mount Set
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An impressive survey of north american trees.

Sixteen species of trees are represented both leaves and seeds in this stunning collection. Each specimen is expertly preserved and mounted for accurate visual demonstration. Ideal for instruction on tree identification or forestry field work, each mount in this educational set features a label on the back with common and scientific names, family, leaf arrangement, leaf type, tree size, fruit type, natural habitat, and a range map of the United States.

Delivery information: Includes white oak, american beech, eastern redbud, sweetgum, boxelder, sassafras, flowering dogwood, yellow-poplar, black tupelo, sugarberry, black cherry, american elm, red mulberry, baldcypress, eastern redcedar, and shortleaf pine.

Packaging: Set comes packaged in flip bin for convenient storage and filing.