Pitting Edema Advanced Medical Simulator

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Pitting Edema Advanced Medical Simulator
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This strap-on simulator can be worn on the lower leg of a student volunteer or training manikin to demonstrate differentiation of pitting edemas.

  • Five Pitting Variations Included
  • Student Volunteers or Training Manikins Can Wear Unit
  • Removable Fibula Plate
  • Variations Based on Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination, 7th Edition
  • Purpose for Students: to Understand Differentiation of Pitting Edemas
A removable fibula plate facilitates training without a live volunteer or manikin. Five grades of pitting edemas, based on Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination, 7th Edition, are included with various resistance and depth of indentation. This item is for distribution within North America only.

Ward's is proud to be a North American partner of the renowned Kyoto Kagaku. Based in Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto Kagaku develops innovative, professional-grade medical simulators and training models for clinical study. Developed with the highest caliber of quality, durability, and anatomical accuracy, these simulators provide nursing and medical students with the most true-to-life training in physical examination and procedural skills, making them ideal for group classroom demonstrations and hands-on practice and testing of student skills. Features such as soft, life-like skin and anatomically correct landmarks create a realistic and reliable training experience that prepares students for live patient care in the professional healthcare field. Visit kyotokagaku.com for product video demonstrations and additional product information.

Delivery information: For distribution within North America only.