3B Scientific® Introductory Hominids Skull Restoration Series

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3B Scientific® Introductory Hominids Skull Restoration Series
Models Human Biology Models
Major Representatives of Human Ancestry

  • Color coded
  • Restored based on fossil evidence
  • Shows evolution of human ancestry
The dark areas represent actual fossil fragments that have been found, while the lighter sections indicate the areas of the skull that were reconstructed based on the current fossil evidence. The Australopithecus boisei skull from the lower Pleistocene time period is re-created from remains found at Natron Lake and Olduvai Gorge. The fossil evidence was dated at almost 1.8 million years old. The Homo erectus pekinensis skull is from Paleolithic times, making it approximately 400,000 years old. It is re-created from remains found near Beijing, China. Neanderthals existed between 40,000–70,000 years ago. The replica included in this set is re-created from remains that were found in southern France. The Cro-Magnon remains that this replica is based on were also found in southern France; however, these remains are only estimated to be 20,000–30,000 years old. Each skull is life-sized and features a removable hinged lower jaw. Each is cast from resin and comes with a manual that discusses characteristics and evolutionary significance. Purchase each skull individually or buy the complete set and save.