Firefly Gene Transformation Kit

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Awesome - This kit demonstrates gene transfer in a way that students can see the results in a fun and interactive way!
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Firefly Gene Transformation Kit
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This kit is a dramatic test of a novel reporter gene.

  • Bacteria glows without a UV light
  • Pre-poured petri plates included
  • Links to real-world concepts
  • Estimated required lab time: 45 minutes over two or three days
Bacteria that glow in the dark? It's possible with our lab activity. Students perform true gene transfer between two completely different types of organisms: a firefly and a bacterium. We provide you with the bacteria and plasmid DNA with the luminescence gene from a firefly.

Students transfer the firefly gene to the bacteria and employ a chemical substrate to make the bacteria glow. Dimmed lights work just as well as an ultraviolet light.

Ordering information: This kit includes capillary micropipettes, nitrocellulose membranes, sterile inoculating loops, microcentrifuge tubes, pipette bulbs, transfer pipets, Luria agar, sodium citrate, Luria broth, and calcium chloride. Live and perishable materials include E.coli, Plasmid pBEST-Luc, Luciferin, and LB Amp plates. The kits also includes a coupon for redemption of perishable materials. Redeem by mail, phone, fax, or email. A hot-water bath or hot plate, beakers, colored candies, and a black bag are needed but not included.