Ward's® Glo-Germ Antiseptic Techniques Kit

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470024-224KT 132.99 USD
Ward's® Glo-Germ Antiseptic Techniques Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
This kit demonstrates how easily microbes can be spread.

  • Kit Teaches Proper Cleaning Techniques
  • Perfect Lab for the Start of the School Year
  • Estimated Lab Time Requirement: 20-60 Minutes
  • Glo-Germ Lotion and Powder Included
  • Teacher's Instructions Included
Students use a simulated fluorescent microorganism, called Glo-Germ, to demonstrate the transmission of germs. In the process, they develop an appreciation for the importance of proper antiseptic methods in limiting the spread of pathogens.

The kit comes with enough Glo-Germ lotion and powder for an entire class, a hand-held UV light, a teacher’s guide, and a student copymaster.

Ordering information: This kit includes 1 handheld, battery-powered UV Lamp, 1 bottle of white Glo-Germ powder, 1 bottle of white Glo-Germ lotion, and 1 bottle of orange Glo-Germ oil. Tennis balls, hand soap, paper towels, a resealable plastic bag, and various classroom objects are required but not included.