Glass Vials with Screw Caps

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Ordered the 20x70mm size for use with fountain pen inks, and the vials work fantastically. The mouth of the vial is large enough to fit my Lamy Logo pen, which makes it quite convenient to carry some extra ink without bringing a full resevoir. I have had zero leaks from the vials even after significant change in temperature.
V1235C-FM V1760C-FM V2170C-FM V2385C-FM
470206-388CS 82.95 USD
470206-388 470206-380 470206-390 470206-384
Glass Vials with Screw Caps
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Ideal for a Variety of Uses.

  • Accompanied by a polypropylene foam lined closed top cap
  • Cap designed with a continuous thread “CT” finish
  • Creates a positive seal
  • Available in a wide range of sizes