Giant Earth Model with Built-In Solar Panel Digital Display

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teacher/professor / science teacher/professor / valencia, CA
No, I didn't recommend
This would be amazing if it actually worked. This is made of PVC pipe, a cheap solar panel velcroed on, and a 1$ flashlight. You could make this yourself SO much better! This is supposed to utilize a bike chain in order to rotate, but came with the bike chain so long it kinks. There is no mechanism to rotate other than pushing with your hand, rendering the crazy long floppy chain completely useless. Will be promptly returning.
Reply associate Published 10/02/2019
Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that this model did not meet your expectations. We will share your feedback with our manufacturer regarding concerns of its quality. Thank you again.
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Giant Earth Model with Built-In Solar Panel Digital Display
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Student-Driven Illustration of Why We Have Seasons

  • Tilt of the Earth can be altered for comparison
  • Uses unique chain and gear drive system
With its unique chain and gear drive system, this giant Earth model demonstrates how the tilt of the Earth causes both seasonal change and changes to the length of day and night. Mounted on the globe is a solar cell with digital display which measures the amount of “radiation” that part of the Earth receives from the Sun, represented here by the included flashlight. This can be repeated for every season of the year. The 23.5° tilt can also be righted, which allows students to measure the radiation again to compare with their original findings. Developed by teacher, Claire Zurbuch, this model includes instructions. Size: 49" x 16" x 22".