Geoblox Botany Models

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Geoblox Botany Models
Models Botany Models
Students Can Build Their Own Model for Better Understanding

Textbook pictures can help students visualize concepts, but they cannot provide a 3-D view. Geoblox models provide a multi-learning approach to helping students understand a concept or a structure from the inside out as they build their own models. These models also provide opportunities for developing higher order thinking skills, as students are asked to draw diagrams of their models before building them. The 25 models included in the book are Plant Cell, Leaf Layers, Flower, Tracheids, Leaf Cross Section, Vessel Elements, Stomata Open, Stomata Closed, Dicot Root, Dicot Stem, Monocot Root, Monocot Stem, Fall Leaf and Stem, Lateral Roots, Root Tip, Bryophyte (Moss), Pterophyte (Fern), Dendrochronology, Angiosperm (Cactus), Gymnosperm (Conifer), Acid Rain, Tree Rings, Bog Succession, Tropical Rain Forest, and Vegetative Propagation (Creosote). Each model also includes an explanation printed on the back, and the haploid and diploid life cycle stages are color coded. The set of patterns is comb bound and can be used as a copymaster to produce enough for your entire class or you can enlarge the patterns to use as demonstration models.