Freeze-Dried Grassfrogs

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Yes, I recommend
They were easy to rehydrate. No odors (or minimal alcohol odor). Even some of the non formalin samples have some residual odor. There was a good division between males and females. After the rehydration the organs were very easy to identify; including the stomach contents (which was a big hit) as well as the eggs. This was a class of beginning biology students and they really enjoyed this project. So much so that we are doing it again this year.
Reply associate Published 09/29/2022
Thank you!
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Freeze-Dried Grassfrogs
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Freeze-dried grassfrogs. Available in vacuum packs.

  • Amphibian anatomy
  • Economical
Our freeze-dried specimens, which use no chemicals, can be rehydrated in 10% alcohol for dissection.




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470156-778 Frog Visual Dissection Guide, Each
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470156-790 Frog Visual Dissection Guide, Pack of 10
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470016-918 Pan and Pad
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470220-350 Bookstore Dissection Kit
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