Fire Arrows: Air Rockets with Launcher

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Education / Teacher / Cathedral City , CA
Yes, I recommend
In addition to the height and distance activities mentioned previously my 7th grade students also compete in an accuracy event. I place a standard trash can at what seems like a reasonable distance [ 15 - 20 feet] from the launch pad and then students line up and take turns aiming and trying to land their rocket inside the can. I usually have a treat or offer extra credit for the students who are successful.
Reply associate Published 01/25/2017
Thank you for sharing!
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Education / Middle School Science Teacher / Wabash, IN
Yes, I recommend
Used these rockets at the end of the year with my 7th graders. They enjoyed building and designing their own rockets (I took out simple kids paint for them to jazz the rockets up). The foot pump didn't last long, so be prepared to have something else to pump the air. I used two-liter soda bottles. We just attached the bottles to the tubing using duct tape. Students built and designed them in 2 days. We spent a day doing a trial run where students then came back to the classroom to make changes. And then the last (4th day) was the final competition. Students solved the height of their rocket using the provided materials and a little trigonometry. And then I added a second competition where students competed for longest distance as well. You can change the trajectory of the rocket. Enjoy!!
Reply associate Published 10/11/2019
Thank You! Great feedback. We find that setting up the pump on a long table, allowing the students to activate it with their hands, not their feet, allows the pump to last much longer. Also, if you are ever in need of a replacement pump you can purchase one separately, item # 470042-136. Thank you again!
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Fire Arrows: Air Rockets with Launcher
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
The Whole Class Can Each Build a Rocket

  • Fun
  • Easy to understand concepts
Challenge students to build a rocket that flies further and soars higher than any other in the class. The full kit includes 100 tubes, launcher, cork borer, hose clamp, styrofoam, rubber feet, stomp rocket, and instructions. The refill kit includes 100 tubes, styrofoam, and instructions.