Ward's® Live Drosophila melanogaster - F1 Crosses

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Ward's® Live Drosophila melanogaster - F1 Crosses
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All of our most popular crosses, already done for you. We'll do all the pre-work, so you can spend more time with your students.

  • Demonstrate sex-linked, dominant and recessive modes of inheritance
  • No pre-work needed - your crosses arrive already done
  • Wards offers the shortest lead-time on crosses in the industry, getting your class up and running sooner
  • Our cultures come with our satisfaction guarantee for genetic purity and excellent quality
Choose one of our commonly requested crosses, or design your own.

You will receive a vial containing only eggs and larvae; the parents will have been removed to avoid any confusion. The pupae will begin hatching in about one week after receipt, so please plan your lessons accordingly.

To create an F2 generation: Once the flies have matured, place five or six sets of males and females into a clean vial with food. You do not need to select virgin females for this step.

Ordering information: For best results, please call our customer service department to place an order for these items.

Delivery information: These products contain living or perishable materials and must ship via overnight or 2-day transit. Please specify a delivery date at checkout.
During very cold weather, adult flies may die but eggs and larvae usually survive. Allow cultures to come to room temperature before checking under low magnification for eggs and live larvae.

Packaging: Cultures are shipped with Drosophila medium in a shatterproof vial. The pupae will usually appear within ten days of the ship date.