Evolution of Whales Kit

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Excellent activity - I spend 4-5 days using whale evolution as an example of transitions over time or evidence for evolution. This lesson is engaging and because it also includes a DNA activity, ties in a genetic component which is also excellent. I use a power point and short video clips to introduce whales and go through the fossil ancestors. As a summative assessment for this activity students create a whale ances
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Evolution of Whales Kit
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Where did whales come from? Trace the history of whales back to the early Eocene epoch by making inferences from analyzing fossil data. Students find further confirmation of whale ancestry by comparing DNA sequences. An intriguing lesson in evolution, this unique kit also has applications in life science and earth science and furthers student's skills in scientific inquiry. This kit includes a scaled modern whale replica, a scaled modern whale comparison activity and 10 manipulative sets of a colorful Eocene timeline and drawings of six primitive or ancestral whales. Developed by Larry Flammer, this kit is aligned with National Standards. Includes instructions and materials for 10 student groups. Grades 6–9.