Ward's® Evidence Collection Kit

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Ward's® Evidence Collection Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Collect Evidence like the Experts

  • Necessary Supplies for Investigations In One Comprehensive Package
  • Replacements Available
  • Equipment only (does not include activities)
Gather forensic evidence like a pro with these kits of basic materials and equipment. Lead your class in a series of crime scene simulations and ensure proper collection and documentation techniques by providing high quality supplies. Each kit offers the convenience of having everything you need in one package. All materials come packaged in a convenient storage and carrying case. Replacement items sold separately.

Ideal for introducing the proper techniques for acquiring forensic evidence, this kit offers all the principle materials for processing a crime scene.

Materials Include:
Paper evidence bags
Evidence labels
Latent fingerprint kit
Polystyrene jars in three sizes
Capped vials
Disposable pipets
Fine tipped forceps
Hand magnifier
Vinyl gloves (medium)
Sterile applicator swab
Collection swabs with protective tip