Electromagnet Set

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Electromagnet Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Your students can use the Electromagnet Science Set to build an electromagnet, a doorbell, a chime, a telegraph, and more.

  • Build electromagnetic items
  • Contains a variety of reusable parts
  • Manual included
Kit contains a variety of basic, reusable parts, including a compass, an assortment of magnets and magnetic wire, switch plates and sender plates, colored lights, pre-drilled wood blocks, and a light-emitting diode, that can be used to complete several introductory experiments and six projects in electromagnetism.

A manual and a list of additional items that may be needed are also included.

Caution: WARNING: This product contains a small magnet(s). Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnet(s) are swallowed or inhaled.