Easy Extraction of Essential Oils Kit

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Easy Extraction of Essential Oils Kit
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You'll come out smelling like a rose (or a coffee bean, lemon, or other fragrance) with this easy to use kit. Students extract the essential oils from fragrant substances by dissolving the plant oils in fat, then separating them by condensation.

Teacher Greg Johnson has made this process easier and more economical than ever. In fact, you need only the items from which to extract the oils (lemon peels, coffee beans, etc.), plus a few other common lab items. Set-up is fast and the entire process can usually be completed during a single class period. Includes instructions. Grades 9–11.

Kit includes: glass tubing, flask with stopper, vegetable oil, flask with stopper, beaker, clamp, test tube, glycerin, glass tubing, gauze and instructions. Required but not included: Ethanol, a heat source, ring stand, and fragrant substances are also required but not included

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