Earthbox® Youth Garden Guide

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Earthbox® Youth Garden Guide
Feed the Mind, Body and Spirit

Benefits of the EarthBox Educational Products are multi-fold. The easy-to-use, high yield growing system brings science to life and encourages students to learn about horticulture, agriscience, entrepreneurship, and nutrition as they simultaneously find ways to give back to the community, promote conservation, and support sustainable food production. The scientifically engineered container garden system is ideal for students of diverse ages, ability levels, and backgrounds „ the science and skills gleaned from the EarthBox and its associated curricula are cross-disciplinary and cross-functional.

The Earth Box is the backbone of all the EarthBox Educational Products. This innovative container stimulates the growth of many crops and supports healthy cultivation. Use this growing system with grade level targeted curriculum packages for growing crops at your school and teaching a wide variety of associated lessons. Each curriculum package includes three-hole punched curriculum materials with permission to make unlimited on-site copies of student materials.

Youth Garden Guide
Get the most out of your Instructional School Garden by using the reproducible EarthBox Youth Garden Guide. Use this guide year round to facilitate the development of horticultural, technological, workplace and entrepreneurial skills and to combat obesity, Diabetes II, malnutrition, and other diet related diseases. Contains 29 activities. Book is 3-hole punched to fit in a 3-ring binder (not included).

EarthBox® Garden Package
Includes six Ready-to-Grow Kits and one Youth Garden Guide