TeacherGeek Direct Drive Wind Turbine

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TeacherGeek Direct Drive Wind Turbine
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Apply Understanding of Wind Power Energy Generation

The TeacherGeek Direct Drive Wind Turbine affords you the opportunity to apply your understanding of wind power energy generation. You will vary the amount of electricity generated by redesigning blades and alternator wrap patterns. Build your wind turbine with alternator components, hub assembly, dowels, hardware and additional found materials .A stand is necessary. You can purchase either the TeacherGeek Bench or Wind Turbine Stand or build your own by following the directions. Specific details are found on the free downloadable Direct Drive Turbine Build and the Blade and Hub Construction Guides.

The TeacherGeek Wind Turbine is comprised of three main components: the alternator, hub and blades.

The alternator, consisting of the stator and rotor, develops electricity. It can be configured to create multiple phase outputs.

The stator is the part of the alternator that does not rotate. The stator has twelve "teeth" which wire can be wrapped around to create endless coil configurations. An electrical current (electricity) induced in the coils as they pass through the magnetic fields of the rotor. The back of the stator has screw post terminals for connecting stator coils to test leads.

The rotor is the part of the alternator that spins an array of permanent magnets. The rotor has twelve positions magnets can be snap-locked into. Magnets are securely held, yet easily removed and reconfigured.

The hub securely clamps blade shafts while allows quick and easy adjustment.

Blade shafts are included with our wind turbine kits. To make blade surfaces, just add corrugated cardboard, plastic packaging or other material you have on hand!

What Else Do I Need?
•Easy Engineering Tools (includes Reamer, Easy Cutter, #2 Phillips Screwdriver and Slip-Joint Pliers)
•Wind Stand 160372
•Slider Block (Optional)

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