Curriculum Mastery® Game — Math Grade 6

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Curriculum Mastery® Game — Math Grade 6
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Improve student test scores and involve parents in the process.

  • Content-based games
  • Research-based principles
  • Tested and proven in classrooms
Fun, exciting, interactive, and inclusive „ these sets of content-based games help students master curriculum outlined in the current NCTM Standards for grades 1-8. Written by teachers using research-based principles, each game has been tested and proven effective in classrooms like yours. Each Class Pack set of games provides comprehensive coverage of topics required for math testing at that grade level. Engage students in learning with over 750 review cards, each set focused on a specific topic, and an additional 12 double-sided game boards for study and review.

The Class Packs include materials for 36 students, an extensive teacher's guide, a presentation CD featuring interactive review questions for use on your computer or projection unit, and a free introductory online subscription to interactive content, activities, and assessments.

Designed to stimulate parental involvement, the Take-Home edition mirrors the Class pack content through 25 individually packaged games, a parent resource guide, presentation CD, and online subscription. These kits are designed to help parents reinforce math concepts at home in fun, new ways. Each game features a set of 30 standards-based review questions, a double-sided game board, and materials for up to four children.

Games address content of 6th grade math curriculum. Includes topics Whole Numbers to Trillions; Commutative/Associative Properties; Distributive Property; Proportions/Equivalent Fractions; Percents; Ordering Fractions; Add/Subtract Fractions; Multiply/Divide Fractions; Mixed Numbers; Rational Numbers; Percent, Rate, Base; Order of Operations; Repeated Multiplication; Exponents; Evaluate Exponents; One and Two Step Functions; Evaluate Formulas; Simple Proportions; Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals; Area and Circumference of Circles; Plotting Points; Area of Coordinate Polygons; Measurement Conversion; Statistics; and Graphs.