Ward's® Cross-bedded Sandstone

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No, I didn't recommend
The good: It’s a bedded sandstone, rust-red strata alternating with finer-grained, brown and buff ones. The bad: The main “cross-bed” in my sample is actually a small reverse fault. There is one part of the specimen, maybe 1”x .5” (on an 8”x 5” slab), that displays cross-bedding, but it is very difficult to see on account of the fault being more obvious. Also, the title doesn’t lie: You’re paying for a slab of sandstone that was cut, washed, and lacquered. The display side is shiny, but pitted (it is a sandstone, after all), and the resultant, chaotic luster detracts from the overall utility of the specimen.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 03/20/2018
Thank you for your feedback. We will check our stock for the reverse fault vs cross bed as we strive to offer the best quality geological specimens.
470025-904EA 42.25 USD
Ward's® Cross-bedded Sandstone
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Sawn and lacquered slab showing thinly bedded truncated layers in a well-cemented sandstone. Large hand specimen.