Cross Section Models

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Science Asst / Science Asst / Kamloops, BC
No, I didn't recommend
This model of the flower is tiny, maybe 6" tall, the words are tiny... overall much to small to be useful.
Reply associate Published 06/14/2018
We're sorry you were disappointed by the size of this model. Please contact our Customer Care Team at 800-962-2660 to arrange for a return. As a possible replacement might I suggest item number 470004-728. It is a very large floral model made of foam. It is not labeled on the model itself, but is contains a teacher’s guide and complete key. If you wanted to teach about different parts of a plant, 470012-642 might also be an option for you. Thank you again for your feedback.
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Cross Section Models
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Soft Models Are Great For Small Hands

  • Show Basic Structures
  • One Half Of Each Model Serves As The Key To The Other Half
  • Great For Toss Around Activities
These soft foam models split in half to reveal general structures labeled on one side and numbered on the other. These are great for students to quiz each other on basic structure, or to take home for self study. Models include an activity guide with basic facts about each structure.