Crazy Coasters

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education / teacher / Rothschild, WI
Yes, I recommend
The children loved this and did not want to stop!!
Reply associate Published 07/10/2018
We love them too! Thanks for sharing.
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Crazy Coasters
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Teach students about energy and motion with this popular kit, which lets students build their own model roller coasters anywhere in your classroom –all you need is masking tape.

  • Introduce energy and motion
  • Build roller coasters in the classroom
  • Understand how energy is transformed
Developed by physics teacher Griff Jones, the activity helps students understand how potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy as the marble rolls through loops, curves and valleys. For advanced students, you can introduce concepts such as centripetal force and friction. Includes materials for 15 student groups, a teacher’s guide with background information and activities, that can also be purchased separately.

Grades 4–12.