Corning Electric Distilling Apparatus

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470201-562EA 1108.95 USD
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Corning Electric Distilling Apparatus
Distillation Components Distillation Sets
This self-contained, compact unit produces 1.5 L of high-purity water per hour.

  • Easy to clean
  • Storage Bottle (6 L) provided
  • High-Temperature cutoff valve
  • Corrosion-Resistant vinyl finish
Designed to be wall-mounted, the apparatus features a cabinet with a corrosion-resistant vinyl finish. No metal parts are exposed, and a high-temperature cutoff valve automatically protects the still by shutting off power if water drops below the operating level.

The unit operates on 120 VAC and has a built-in fuse and a three-wire grounded cord and plug.

Ordering information: A shut-off valve is required but not included.