Conductivity of Solutions Experiment

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Conductivity of Solutions Experiment
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This kit includes a series of fun activities that lead to a better understanding of the concept of ionization.

  • Study principles of ionization
  • Understand strong and weak electrolytes
  • Differentiate between strong and weak acids and bases
  • Requires one 50 minute class period to complete
Using LAB-AIDSĀ® Conductivity Indicators, students study the principles of ionization by differentiating between strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes and non-electrolytes. They also learn to differentiate between strong and weak acids and strong and weak bases. Performing a series of fun activities, students observe and discover dramatic results which lead to a better understanding of the principles of ionization. This Lab-Aid is designed for use by students in introductory chemistry courses and higher.

Ordering information: Kit includes ChemplatesĀ® with measuring spatula, Ethyl alcohol, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Ammonia, Glacial acetic acid, Deionized water, Anhydrous ethyl alcohol, Sodium chloride crystals, Sodium hydroxide pellets, and Sucrose crystals. Conductivity indicators are required for these activities but are not included.