Complete Physical Geology Teaching Series

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Complete Physical Geology Teaching Series
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This complete teaching series contains 12 of the 15 topic and reference sets that cover every topic in the Physical Geology Series, including all tests students need to perform to identify rocks and minerals. This series contains the Physical Geology Reference Set, Hardness Topic Set, Cleavage, Fracture and Parting Topic Set, Streak, Color and Luster Topic Set, Tenacity and Special Properties Topic Set, Crystal Form Topic Set, Rock-Forming Minerals Topic Set, Igneous Rocks Topic Set, Sedimentary Rocks Topic Set, Metamorphic Rocks Topic Set, Metallic Resources Topic Set and the Nonmetallic Resources Topic Set.
The Classroom Bundles, which provide 15 bulk-packaged samples included in the sets and 15 sets of any required testing materials included with the corresponding set
*Classroom Bundles are bulk-packaged and do not include display boxes, or teacher/student activity guides.

Ordering information: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic GEO-logic Thin Section Sets are not included.

Caution: Due to the nature of this product it may contain asbestos.