Clever Catch® Health Education Balls

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Clever Catch® Health Education Balls
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Human Biology Learning Activities
Interactive Student Review

  • Fun and Challenging
  • Reusable
  • Latex Free
These 24 inch vinyl balls can be thrown around the room from student to student. The question under the students left thumb, is the one to answer! Each inflatable ball has numbered questions, enclosed in its own box, with an included answer key.

Sample questions include:
What would you do if a younger student told you that he was being bullied?" (Bully)
Name 3 different types of food that are good sources of fiber(Food and Nutrition)
Is chewing tobacco as bad for you as smoking? ( Tobacco)
How Alcohol effects people depends on what 3 factors? ( Drug and Alcohol Vol 1)

Ordering information: Drugs and Alcohol Vol 2 is intended for use individually, or in treatment programs, so may not be suitable for a classroom.