Chemiluminescence Student Activity

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Chemiluminescence Student Activity
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Produce Light Energy from a Chemical Reaction!

  • Observe ratios of chemicals used and effects of temperature on chemiluminescence
  • Demonstrates oxidation-reduction reactions
  • Designed for 16 groups of 2-student teams
  • Requires one 50 minute class period
Chemiluminescence involves a chemical reaction that produces light energy. In this Lab-Aids® kit, students conduct a series of simple, safe and dramatic activities that produce light energy (chemiluminescence) using luminol and an activator solution to create a blue light. Students are introduced to an oxidation-reduction reaction as well as rates of reaction, ratios of chemicals used in the reaction and effects of temperature on chemiluminescence. They will make several observations regarding results of the reaction, and the effects of ratios to solutions and temperature on chemiluminescence.

Ordering information: Materials include Calibrated tubes with caps, Environment cups, Activator Solution, Luminol (Reagent A) powder.