Air Gliders Kits

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Orland Park, IL
Yes, I recommend
All ages love this! - I've used this as part of my Young Scientist after school program for younger students as well as part of my Motion, Forces unit for my Jr. High class. Easy to use - and the older students then graph the motion or choose other attributes to identify to measure results. The one concern is that the disc detaches fairly easily from the 'spout' - but I keep a hot glue gum nearby for those situations
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Air Gliders Kits
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Isaac Newton could never have imagined that upper elementary and middle school students could explore his mathematically derived laws of motion using straws, compact discs, wooden spools, and balloons.

  • Explore the laws of motion
  • Build air gliders with simple materials
Students use these materials and a bit of hot glue to build their own CD Air Gliders. They then use their models to strengthen their inquiry skills while they cultivate their understanding of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Glue gun, teachers guide, student procedure and journal page are also included. Grades 4–8.