Preserved Cats

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I purchased these specimens for an AP biology class. The ones I ordered were double injected and 18+ inches. I was surprised at how large these actually are!! One has to be pushing 15 lbs! I'm sure that my students will enjoy learning from them, and I have purchased preserved cats, fetal pigs and dogfish sharks from Wards and they are always in good condition.
Reply associate Published 04/13/2021
Thank you for the great feedback! Don't forget you can substitute preserved Rabbits for preserved Cats anytime. If your ever hesitant about switching, please check out our webinar video, "Making the Leap - Transitioning from Cat to Rabbit Dissection". We’ll show you how preserved rabbits can be a comparable and economical alternative to teaching internal and external anatomy of cats.
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Preserved Cats
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Standard formalin preserved cats, packed in vacuum-sealed bags. One cat per bag.

  • Vertebrate anatomy
  • Mammalian anatomy
  • High quality preservation
Cats, Felis species are expertly preserved and presented in an extended position for anatomical correctness and ease of study. Our latex injected cats are injected with elastic latex with bright, contrasting colors, to ensure ease of dissection. Plastic storage bags and waterproof ID tags are provided free with each cat.

Caution: Cats are sourced from pounds and shelters. All shelters are required to retain animals for a specified time to maximize the possibility of adoption. Animals that are not adopted are euthanized at the shelters and preserved for dissection under the guidance of USDA regulations. These animals are "recycled" for education; otherwise they would have been incinerated or placed in a landfill after euthanasia.




Item # Size Height Length Width Description Grade Chemical/physical specifications Unit Availability Price Quantity
470233-546 19 L - - - WARDSafe™
Hazardous Product
Laboratory Handi-Pak Each (19l) Retrieving Restricted
470016-918 Standard 4 cm 29 cm 19 cm Pan and Pad
- - Each Retrieving
470220-350 - - - - Bookstore Dissection Kit
- - Each Retrieving