TeacherGeek Build-A-Boat Activity

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TeacherGeek Build-A-Boat Activity
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials TeacherGeek System Components
Use common materials to explore buoyancy and power.

The Build-A-Boat Activity allows you to turn TeacherGeek components into an operational boat that can lay the groundwork for new and exciting competitions. It comes with connector strips, perpendicular blocks, and dowels for the basic frame. The power assembly is made from a motor, motor mount, battery holder, dowels, and perpendicular blocks. The unique TeacherGeek mini-hub has a splined hole that securely fits on a dowel end and holds 2 to 6 blades that form the propeller. Suggested flotation is created by using closed cell foam products with a hole through the center such as pipe insulation or even swim noodles.

Ordering information: If you are an existing TeacherGeek customer, the TeacherGeek part number for this activity is 7361.