Bio-Rad® Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA Kit

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Bio-Rad® Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA Kit
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
This kit uses electrophoresis to separate DNA fragments.

  • Aligns with AP Biology Lab 9
  • Study DNA restriction enzyme function
  • Perform electrophoresis to separate DNA fragments
  • Construct standard curves from data and determine DNA fragment size
  • Perishable refill available separately
This kit demonstrates basic procedures and principles of DNA gel electrophoresis, including agarose gel casting, sample loading, size-based separation of DNA fragments, DNA staining, and graphic analysis. This activity provides in-depth explanations about how restriction enzymes cut DNA and how electrophoresis can be used to separate and visualize DNA fragments.

Aligned with AP Biology Lab 6, this experiment can be completed in one 45 minute lab session.

Delivery information: The kit includes DNA standard and digests, buffers, agarose, Fast Blast DNA stain, test tubes. Items needed but not included: horizontal gel electrophoresis chambers and power supplies, adjustable micropipets and tips (2 to 20 µl, 20 to 200 µl).This kit ships upon order receipt unless you specify otherwise.