Biochemical Evidence for Evolution Lab Activity

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teacher / Biology / Wellington
Yes, I recommend
I have used this lab for all levels of biology from Regular, honors and Advanced placement for 20 years. I always get great results.
Reply associate Published 05/16/2022
Thanks for letting us know!
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Education / Teacher / Oxnard, CA
No, I didn't recommend
First I want to say I’ve used the Biochemical Evidence for Evolution Kit for several years. I ordered a refill kit and the quality is not the same at all. The reactions take longer than 5 minutes, and the cow serum does not work at all. My old solutions from 5+ years ago still work great although there is barely any solutions left, not enough for 1 class period (which is why I needed the refill). I am extremely disappointed with this as this was a lab favorite my students loved, which I will now no longer be doing. My students did the pre-lab for this. But they will not be doing the lab tomorrow. Also, the human, chimp, and monkey serums sort of work but not like they used to. The new refills I got were different colors than my old ones, so I’m guessing Wards diluted down a formula to maybe cut corners and make more of a profit. Results are not crisp and timely. I hope the quality of other Wards kits and dissection specimens do not degrade. This refill kit is completely unusable. Believe me, I’ve spent the last two hours today trying different combinations of my old solutions mixed with new refill ones (which makes them work better) but it’s just not enough for how many classes I have.
Reply associate Published 09/28/2018
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this product has caused. After receiving this review, we tested a Refill Kit off the shelf and had successful results. We are not sure what could may have caused the issues you described. At Ward’s we pride ourselves on the quality of products and services we provide – we would not dilute a product to increase our profit – we work diligently each day to make the job of teachers easier. We will contact you about sending you a replacement. Please accept our apologies for the trouble this kit caused you. Thank you again for your feedback.
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Biochemical Evidence for Evolution Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Look at Evolution through the Study of Homology

  • Investigate evolutionary relationships with a modified Nuttall precipitation technique
  • Analyse similarities and differences between a variety of simulated animal blood sera
  • Materials included for ten lab setups
The study of evolution using homology consists of a classification method based on analysis of antigen-antibody complexes found in the blood. Using a modified Nuttall precipitation technique, students will identify the source of each sample. For safety, this activity uses five different simulated animal blood sera instead of the real thing. The Biochemical Evidence for Evolution Lab comes with enough materials for ten setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster.