Ward's® ATP Firefly Kit

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Ward's® ATP Firefly Kit
Find Out How Fireflies Glow in the Dark.

  • Recreate bioluminescence in the laboratory
  • Enough materials for 30 students
Learn the science behind the captivating blinking of fireflies on a summer night. This kit includes actual dehydrated firefly lantern extract; when students combine it with ATP, also included, and rehydrate it with distilled water, they re-create the chemical reaction that creates bioluminescence. As an additional lab, students can alter the pH or heat the firefly lantern extract to observe their effect on bioluminescence.

Ordering information: Kit includes Powdered Firefly Lantern, Powdered ATP, Teacher's Guide and Student Copymaster. Distilled Water and Basic Labware/Glassware are required but not provided.

Caution: Note: Keep materials refrigerated until just prior to use.