Atmospheric Data Center - Wind

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Orchard Park NY
Yes, I recommend
Great product - I used this in my 9th grade biology classroom. It worked well and the kids found it easy to use.
Reply associate Published 11/10/2015
Thank you!
470012-830EA 95 USD
Atmospheric Data Center - Wind
Weather Stations
Your personal pocket-sized weather report!
No matter the conditions, the Atmospheric Data Center (ADC) gives you the stats when you need them most. Completely waterproof and extremely durable, it's a marvel of modern technology.
ADC Wind goes where you go calculating things like wind, speed, and temperature, as it performs functions that help make your endeavor a well-researched one. And because it is completely waterproof, it can even be used as a meter to check water-flow!

Current, max & average wind speeds
Time, Day & Date
Current temperature
Chronograph race timer
Past 24 hour temperature tendency
Waterproof Submersible
Wind chill
Water-flow meter
Average & minimun wind chill
Wind chill alarm
Alarm Clock
Includes lanyard and extra battery.